Friday, March 28, 2014

HDPE, C900, Schdeule 40 and 80 PVC Water Leak Detection

There are a number of different applications which call for plastic pipeline to be used for water transport. Leaks can occur in all of them.  High density poly ethylene (HDPE), Schedule 40 or 80 PVC, C900, polyethylene and others make up thousands of miles of pipeline. From the water service from the meter to the fire suppression systems, to water mains, plastic is a cost effective pipe material. Most of the time, everything goes great. Sometimes, an issue arises that needs to be addressed. A small leak is easier to repair before the asphalt or concrete has been laid above it. Even with permanent ground cover, leak detection can take place along these lines. Finding leaks on plastic pipe can be very challenging. Ultrasound and acoustic leak detection work sometimes. Digital correlation works some times as well. Helium leak detection can provide an additional solution where the first two are not possible. Helium leak testing is a cost effective procedure that finds leaks with pinpoint accuracy. This C900 pipe is a fire suppression line that was pressured with air, and seemed to hold pressure. It leaked an estimated 8 gallons an hour along a 1200 foot run. Helium leak detection found the leak quickly and precisely. Leaks can be at the bell connection, or can even be in the middle of the pipe. This leak was found under a pavement parking lot, and only this hole was needed to access the leak and get it repaired. From settling to freezing, pipes can leak for any number of reasons. Call United Leak Detection today to talk to a professional about finding your leak quickly and efficiently.

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