Thursday, December 6, 2012

Fermentation and Process Leak Detection With Helium Works!

Fermentation processes are only as good as the product that goes into them.  If steriization precedures are not tight, whole batches of product get wasted. United Leak Detection has the experience to find your leaks in your processes.  Trace gas detection is often the answer, and helium is the best of the best!  Helium is the perfect gas for finding leaks in industrial processes and equipment. The small size of the molecule allows for very small leaks to be detected easily. Using modern technology, helium is introduced to the equipment, pipeline or process, and upon reaching an operating pressure, the testing can begin. Valves, flanges, ports, unions and all other fittings can be tested quickly and accurately. Leak detection can take place prior to the process start-up, or during down time, and does not need to be voided from the process after the tests are conducted due to the complete chemically inert nature of the gas. United Leak Detection, Inc provides quality helium and trace gas leak detection services for any industry. From Petrochemical refineries to biochemical manufacturing to food production, any facility where having a tight production line is important, helium leak detection is likely to be the answer. Contact United Leak Detection today to get more information on how they can help you today! 888-422-LEAK (5325) You will talk to a real professional who will work with you to find solutions to problems.

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