Monday, January 17, 2011

Water Leak on a Water Main

The leak was at the left of the picture, but the initial excavation was done at the right.

Here is the leak from the above picture 40 feet from where the leak showed above ground.
 The water leak surfaced in the fence at the right.  The ice was almost 8 inches thick and the excavator tried to dig up where the water was coming up out of the pavement.  Unfortunately, the leak was nearly 40 feet away, and they needed to call a leak detection company to find the leak's location.  United Leak Detection, Inc. found the leak after a little over an hour, and the digging up of the leak happened immediately.  Under five feet of water, mud and rock fill, the leak location was right on.  The only indication of the water leak was a high water bill, and nothing happened until the water began to surface, and the ice began to form.  Often, leak repair is not undertaken until the water breaches the ground.  This same repair and detection could have been completed 3 months ago, and saved over $3,000 in water charges.  Leak detection can allow a timely repair of a leak that has not yet surfaced.  Leaks will never fix themselves.  They will not get better, and they will only cost more money as time goes on.  Leak detection saves money. Period.  The sooner you get it done, and use the information to repair the leak, the more money you will save.  Call United Leak Detection today to find your leaks so that you can start getting your leaks repaired today!

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